If you are going to get something from simply ink, buy through this page (click here) so that you will get a 10% discount on your total order. The discount will apply to your shopping cart automatically before you checkout without you having to enter any coupon code.

We give simplyink our highest recommendation, so be sure to save an additional 10% discount on your total orders when you buy from simplyink.com. Click on the banner below will also bring you to the discount page.

Below are a list of reasons why we highly recommend Simplyink:

  1. Flat rate shipping fees. When it comes to buying discount ink and toners online, online merchants will try to make their products seem to be the cheapest on the market but squeeze every dollar out of your pocket by charging you an ridiculous fees for your shipping.

    At simplyink.com, we need not worry about this because they charge a flat rate of $4.95 for your orders while maintaining a small profit margin to pass on the savings to their customers and keep us coming back for more inks and toners. Shipping is free if your orders are more than $55.00. (including discounts).

  2. Fast delivery. Anyone who has purchased any stuff online will agree with me that we all want our orders delivered to our doorstep as fast as possible.With simplyink.com, orders placed before 4PM pst will be shipped out to you on the same day via UPS Ground and it will usually take another 3-5 business days tops to get to your place.

  3. Tracking ability. Believe it or not, there are still an alarming number of online stores that don’t provide their customer the ability to track their orders. While in most cases, it’s not necessary to know if your packages have been shipped out, but as a consumer myself and regardless of the reputation of the company, I feel much at ease to know if my orders have been shipped to me and how long will it take to get to my doorstep, just so that I can make sure that somebody will be at home during delivery and not risk getting our package left behind (especially during Winter).

    Once orders have been placed, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order number. A few hours later when your orders are being shipped, you will get another email with your tracking number. You can track your order by clicking “Track Order Link” in your order confirmation email. UPS Ground has  sophisticated  tracking capabilities and your orders will be tracked at every transit point.

  4. 365 days return policy. When it comes to refills, re-manufactured, and compatible discount inks. Your number 1 factor in choosing the best online printer ink store lies in the return policy.

    Most stores will tell you that their inks and toners are the best and cheapest you can ever get but fail to tell you that their return policy is mostly under 90 days. So what happens if you like to stock up your inks and toners (like myself) to get free shipping and later found out that there are defects and you couldn’t get it to work after 90 days? You will never get your refunds and your money will be flushed down the drain.Simplyink offers up to 365 days guarantee that all of your orders will work within this period. If it does not, simply call their customer service hotline and they will be happy to guide you how to request a refund or exchange.

Remember, whether you are going to purchase from simplyink or other online ink store, make sure that you check their return policy because we tend to stock up our ink and toner supplies. The last thing we want is to have ink that we bought 6 months ago to go dead on us.

Don’t risk it because other stores offer you an additional $5.00 discount but their return policy stinks.


If you are contemplating on which online printer ink and toners store to go for, take a deeper look at what simplyink has to offer.

When it comes to re-manufactured inks and toners, you have to be very careful of the quality of the products that a few of the merchants are selling to their customers. You will notice that there are a lot of complains on the remanufactured inks and toners space if you do your due diligent.

It’s notably that there are companies that only focus on selling poor quality products (and making profits are only what they cared about) and not put in any effort in retaining their customers. Their level of customer service is at the lowest degree and you can usually test their service by calling their customer service line and request for a refund (even though you are not their customer YET).

You will be asked for your order number and of course you won’t have one if you did not buy anything from their website yet. Ask them how you can locate your order number and let them guide you through the process. If their representative is rude and impatient (you can almost guess that there are tons of other customers requesting for refund as well). Stay away from these companies because they will usually come out with tons of reasons to void your refund.

It will take you a lot of time if you were to do it for every company and we bet that no one wants to go through such length just to buy a printer ink or toner. One of the best strategy to sniff out bad company is to do a search for “Simplyink Reviews, CompanyName Complaints, CompanyName Scam, etc”, and you will certainly be exposed with both good and bad reviews from real customers.

If the company is huge, you can be certain that there will be a few bad reviews even if the reputation of the company is good. No company can avoid complaint. But, do look out for repetitive and genuine customer complaints such as “I’ve bought 3 printer inks and found out that they couldn’t work on my printer but the company could not issue me a refund for opened merchandise even though their policy says otherwise”. See, how could their customers know if the products are working for them without opening their inks or toners. It’s just another excuse for not honoring customers’ refund.

When you see a lot of such complaint, stay away from it because you will likely get the same results. Although it is not a fool proof method but that should lower the probability of buying poor quality inks and toners from poor reputation company online.

Have you already done your research? If not, we highly recommend you try simplyink simply because they have been selling remanufactured inks and toners for a decade and counting. They must have knew something that others don’t that keep customers coming back for more inks time and again.


It is almost impossible to work in today’s world without using a computer.  If you need to do work on a computer, it goes without saying that you will need to print out paperwork at some time or another.  When you use your printer regularly as most people do, you will use quite a bit of printer ink!

Printer ink is quite expensive and most people think that they have no choice but to pay expensive retail prices.  The truth is that consumers do have options.  If you purchase your ink at your local retailer, you are spending way too much money on printer ink.

You can save time and money by using Simply Ink to purchase your printer ink cartridges.  Simply Ink has a large selection of high quality printing supplies which you can conveniently order online. In fact, it is possible to save up to 60% off of regular retail prices by purchasing your printer ink this way.

You may be concerned about the quality of printing products purchased over the internet. SimplyInk uses only high quality materials and sells high quality refilled and remanufactured ink cartridges.  This is important because low quality materials can cause problems with your printer or create low quality printouts.

Below are a few reasons why you should only buy printer ink from SimplyInk

Satisfaction guaranteed. Simply Ink has a one year 100% guarantee on all of their products. Unlike other online companies, Simply Ink is proud of the quality of their product and they guarantee that you will be happy with your ink cartridge purchase.

In fact, they are so sure that you will love Simplyink products that they have extended their guarantee for up to a year. If you are not happy with your purchase any time within a year from your purchase date, simply speak to one of their friendly customer service representatives and they will be glad to assist you in refunding or exchanging your purchase without any delay.

Top customer service. Their customer service representatives are available most days via phone and online chat.  Besides handling quality guarantee issues, representatives will also be able to help you with any problems that you may have when installing compatible cartridge to your printer. When it comes to buying ink online, customer service is very important. What other companies will tell you that you can call them anytime but when you do, you couldn’t get through most of the time to get a simple question answered. Things are different on SimplyInk, you can talk to any of their customer service rep on phone or chat with them online directly to get your questions addressed almost immediately.

100% secured ordering process.Ordering ink from SimplyInk is simple and safe. Their website is easy to use and very user friendly.  They use encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. Your credit card details used on the site will be highly secured and no one (including simplyink’s staff) are able to view it.

Fast delivery. Simplyink process their orders daily (even on weekends), you can be assured that you will receive your cartridges in 2-3 business days top. They ship your orders out directly from their warehouse.

No hidden fees. Unlike other companies, they strive to keep their shipping fees reasonable. Most online stores promise you with great prices often charge you ridiculously on shipping and handling fees. With simplyink.com, your shipping is free if your orders exceed $55.00.